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Dog handlers that were Killed In Action in Vietnam

Handlers Name Unit Date Kia Home
Ahern, Robert Paul 37th SPS - Air Force 3/30/1969 Laconia, NH
Alcorn Jr., Dale Robert 60th Mine/Booby Trap 9/6/1969 Redondo Beach, CA
Amick, Richard Michael 57th Scout Dogs 5/12/1969 Nashville, TN
Anderson, William Allison 66th Combat Tracker Team 11/6/1969 Mt Vernon, AL
Armstrong, Robert Dale Marine Scout Dogs 1/16/1969 Fayetteville, TN
Atkins III, Joshua Abraham Army Scout Dogs 4/26/1967 WashingtonDC
Baker, Donald Lee Marine Sentry Dog 9/6/1967 Huntington Park, CA
Baker, Gary Paul Army Scout Dogs 5/11/1970 Monroe City, MO
Baldoni, Lindsay David 39th Scout Dogs 8/22/1967 Detroit, MI
Banaszynski, Richard Michael 59th Scout Dogs 10/25/1968 Pulaski, WI
Barkley, Earl Duane Army Scout Dogs 11/9/1971 Indian Head, PA
Beauregard, Richard Maurice Army Scout Dogs 4/24/1971 Woonsocket, RI
Beaver, James Harold 50th Scout Dogs 3/16/1968 Bradenton, FL
Beck, Terrence Daniel Marine Scout Dog 12/20/1967 Ft Atkinson, WI
Beesley, Gary Evans 43rd Scout Dogs 6/22/1967 St Louis, MO
Behrens, Peter Claus Marine Scout Dogs 12/4/1970 Newburg, MO
Belcher, Robert Winslow Marine Scout Dogs 4/11/1968 Winthrop, MA
Bell, Mark Wayne Marine Scout Dogs 6/9/1969 Redondo Beach, CA
Bennett, John Willie Army Scout Dogs 10/14/1969 Columbus, OH
Berge, James Maynard 50th Scout Dogs 1/23/1968 Portland, OR
Best, Billy Howard Marine Scout Dogs 3/3/1969 Baltimore, MD
Beuke, Dennis Arthur Combat Tracker Team-8 10/11/1967 Chicago, IL
Bevich Jr., George Michael 377th SPS–Air Force 12/4/1966 Summit Hill, PA
Blaauw, James Evart Army Scout Dogs 3/22/1968 Grayling, MI
Blair, Charles Douglas 64th Combat Tracker Team 5/14/1970 Orlando, FL
Bost, Michael James 42nd Scout Dogs 5/14/1967 Grand Rapids, MI
Bowman, Stephen Wesley Army Scout Dogs 6/2/1968 Alta Loma, CA
Boyd, James 3rd SPS - Air Force 2/28/1968 Winston Salem, NC
Boyer, James Roger Combat Tracker Team-2 9/22/1967 St Louis, MO
Bozier Jr., Willie Army Scout Dogs 7/9/1970 New York, NY
Brede, Robert William Combat Tracker Team-2 11/16/1967 Alexandria, MN
Brophy, Martin Earl 41st Scout Dogs 5/5/1968 Buffalo, NY
Brown, Charles Paul 40th Scout Dogs 3/9/1967 South Amboy, NJ
Browne, Walter D. 41st Scout Dogs 8/2/1969 Haiku, HI
Buckingham, Keith Charles 43rd Scout Dogs 2/25/1969 Minneapolis, MN
Bullwinkel, Alden John 61st Combat Tracker Team 9/11/1969 Dunellen, NJ
Burdette Jr., Hilburn M. Army Scout Dogs 7/12/1970 Simpsonville, SC
Burk, Jimmy Rea 43rd Scout Dogs 11/30/1969 Littlefield, TX
Burlock Jr., Kenneth George Army Scout Dogs 9/17/1969 Jacksonville, NC
Burnette Jr., Archie Army Scout Dogs 1/31/1968 Aberdeen,WA
Cabarubio, James Marine Scout Dogs 6/18/1969 Odessa, TX
Cain, Douglas Michael 43rd Scout Dogs 7/14/1968 Sioux City, IA
Camp, Anthony Lorin Marine Scout Dogs 6/4/1969 Dallas, GA
Campbell, William Ladd 49th Scout Dogs 3/3/1967 Silver Hill, MD
Carinci, Joseph A. Marine Mine/Booby Trap 12/30/1970 Derby, CT
Carrillo, Melvin 48th Scout Dogs 3/3/1968 Roswell, NM
Carter, Merle Keith Navy Sentry Dogs 10/22/1967 Sapulpa, OK
Castle, Russell Leonard 40th Scout Dogs 7/2/1967 Woodbridge, VA
Chisholm, Ronald Lee Marine Sentry Dog 5/11/1967 Jacksonville, FL
Clark, Walter Levon Army Scout Dogs 10/29/1967 Roseville, MI
Clokes, Robert 40th Scout Dogs 12/4/1968 New York, NY
Colford, Darrell Lee 38th Scout Dogs 11/8/1970 West Chicago, IL
Collier, Steven Edward Army Scout Dogs 10/27/1968 Branford, CT
Conklin, Michael Lee Army Scout Dogs 6/24/1970 Midland, MI
Conner, Jack William 557th Combat Tracker Team 4/4/1970 El Monte, CA
Conners Jr., Ralph Wilson 41st Scout Dogs 5/22/1969 Washington D.C.
Connors, Jack Lee 557th Combat Tracker Team 8/21/1969 Filion, MI
Cox Jr., Edward Erlin 76th Combat Tracker Team 2/15/1969 Shreveport, LA
Crawford, Bobby Dean 43rd Scout Dogs 1/10/1968 Buncombe, IL
Crawford, Gordon Lee Army Scout Dogs 2/1/1971 Ft Wayne, IN
Creaghead, Clarence 49th Scout Dogs 5/22/1969 Bessemer, AL
Cumbie, William Thomas Marine Scout Dogs 2/9/1969 Jacksonville, FL
Currier Jr., Gordon Leroy Veterinarian-Army 1/31/1968 Independence, MO
Czarnota, Christopher Zeno Army Scout Dogs 3/22/1971 Perth Amboy, NJ
Davis, Abron Earl Marine Scout Dogs 1/11/1969 Youngstown, OH
Davis, Alan Eunice 48th Scout Dogs 3/21/1971 Tulare, CA
Davis, Eligah Lamar Marine Mine/Booby Trap 4/5/1970 Cecil, GA
Deitrick, George Douglas 41st Scout Dogs 6/23/1969 Antioch, CA
Dell, Kenneth John 49th Scout Dogs 11/5/1968 E. Candergrift, PA
Detrick, Gary Gene 47th Scout Dogs 4/13/1969 Wapakoneta, OH
Dillinder, Randy Eugene 34th Scout Dogs 12/10/1967 Dearborn, MI
Doria, Richard Albert 48th Scout Dogs 8/19/1969 White Plains, NY
Doyle, John Francis 59th Scout Dogs 8/25/1966 Prospect, CT
Drobena, Michael James Marine Scout Dogs 2/23/1969 Temple, TX
Drum, Thomas 62nd Combat Tracker Team 3/4/1970 Johnson City, NY
Drysdale, Charles Douglas Marine Scout Dogs 1/26/1969 Birmingham, AL
Ducote Jr., Lonnie Joseph 34th Scout Dogs 8/13/1967 Corpus Christi, TX
Duff, Phillip Randall Army Scout Dogs 7/7/1972 Cornelia, GA
Duke, Douglas Ovyle Veterinarian-Army 12/20/1968 Rush Springs, OK
Dunning, William Martin Veterinarian 6/22/1970 Bridgeport, CT
Elliott, Robert William Marine Mine/Booby Trap 8/9/1970 Woodbury, NJ
Erickson, Russell Martin 59th Scout Dogs 7/24/1968 Franklin Park, IL
Esterly, Lawrence Alan Marine Scout Dogs 7/18/1969 Lisbon, OH
Eubanks, George F. 25th Scout Dogs 12/7/1967 Barboursville, WV
Evans, Ronald Lee 44th Scout Dogs 4/29/1971 Morrow, OH
Farley, Marshall Colin 44th Scout Dogs 9/19/1967 Folsom, CA
Fisher Marine Sentry Dog 9/4/1967 Allentown, PA
Ford, Bernard 35th SPS–Air Force 7/5/1967 Oaklawn, IL
Ford, Richard Edward 35th Scout Dogs 1/18/1970 Surf City, NJ
Fox, Gary Wayne 25th Scout Dogs 4/30/1967 Pittsburgh, PA
Fraley, Eugene Thomas Navy Seal Team Dogs 1/21/1968 Lansing, MI
Fraser, William George Marine Scout Dog 12/28/1967 Manchester, NH
Freeman, David Michael 34th Scout Dogs 8/11/1969 Putnam, CT
Freeman, Jeffrey Alexander 39th Scout Dogs 4/8/1970 Lakewood, OH
Freppon, John Dennis 35th Scout Dogs 2/2/1969 Cincinnati, OH
Fritz, Gerald W 56th SPS – Air Force 5/13/1975 Junction, TX
Fuller, Gary Leroy 366th SPS–Air Force 2/27/1967 The Plains, OH
Fuller, Stanley Carl 76th Combat Tracker Team 12/12/1968 Fullerton, CA
Gaspard Jr., Claude Joseph 33rd Scout Dogs 5/20/1968 Short Hills, NJ
Giberson, Jerry Guy Army Scout Dogs 6/20/1970 Donnellson, IA
Glenn, Livingston 57th Scout Dogs 12/9/1967 Boston, GA
Goudelock, William Roger 57th Scout Dogs 3/18/1968 Meridian, CA
Green, Billy Monroe Army Scout Dogs 6/24/1966 Los Angeles, CA
Grieve, Michael A. Army Scout Dogs 1/31/1968 Hazel Park, MI
Griffin II, William Donald 63rd Combat Tracker Team 12/15/1970 Pontiac, MI
Groves, William E. Army Scout Dogs 11/30/1967 Seattle, WA
Grundy, Dallas George Army Scout Dogs 11/5/1966 San Jose, CA
Gyulveszi, Theodore Louis 42nd Scout Dogs 2/10/1969 Lincoln Park, MI
Hales, Raymon Draper 58th Scout Dogs 7/19/1969 Springville, UT
Harding, John H. 557th Combat Tracker Team 10/8/1967 Benton, AR
Harris, Jessie Earl Veterinarian-Army 1/31/1968 Peoria, IL
Hartsock, Robert Willard 44th Scout Dogs 2/23/1969 Fairmont, W. Virginia
Hartwick Jr., Floyd Wayne Marine Scout Dog 7/15/1967 St Charles, MO
Hatcher, David Lee 63rd Combat Tracker Team 11/12/1970 New York, NY
Henshaw, Patrick Lee Army Scout Dogs 12/19/1967 Spokane, WA
Hernandez, Victor Reyes 57th Scout Dogs 10/18/1968 Fullerton, CA
Hicks, Larry David Army Scout Dogs 9/24/1970 St Ann, MO
Hilerio-Padilla, Luis Army Scout Dogs 11/13/1969 Yonkers, NY
Hilt, Richard Michael 57th Scout Dogs 2/13/1969 Minneapolis, MN
Holland, Wayne Bizzle Army Scout Dogs 10/26/1968 Salemburg, NC
Holley, Glynn Byron Army Scout Dogs 12/26/1969 Midland, TX
Holt, Herschel Cyle Marine 1st Provisional 8/3/1966 Nashville, TN
Hoppough, Dennis Karl Marine Scout Dogs 7/16/1969 Rochester, NY
Howard, James Ray 44th Scout Dogs 11/9/1967 Detroit, MI
Howard, Mark Thomas Combat Tracker Team-2 11/16/1967 St Louis, MO
Huberty, William M 44th Scout Dogs 10/17/1966 St Paul, MN
Hughes III, Edward Cowart 44th Scout Dogs 11/27/1967 Garden Grove, CA
Hurksman Jr., Wilhelm S. 43rd Scout Dogs 7/22/1968 Rhinelander, WI
Ilaoa, Faleagafula 56th SPS - Air Force 5/13/1975 San Francisco, CA
Ireland, Elmer Glenn 42nd Scout Dogs 7/1/1969 Star, ID
Jenkins, Clayton Dean Marine Sentry Dogs 6/3/1969 Pembine, WI
Jenkins, Steven Lee 981st MP Dogs 1/15/1969 Santa Ana, CA
Jenks, James 45th Scout Dogs 3/2/1968 Concord, MI
Jesko, Stephen Edward Army Scout Dogs 10/16/1970 Hereford, TX
Joecken, Richard Kenneth 44th Scout Dogs 8/28/1969 Columbus, OH
Johnson, Arnold Edward Combat Tracker Team-2 11/16/1967 Rochelle, IL
Johnson, Carl Irving 34th Scout Dogs 6/21/1968 Wakefield, MI
Johnson, Freddie Lee 1st Combat Tracker Team 12/7/1966 Selma, AL
Johnson, Herbert Burton Army Scout Dogs 7/5/1968 Poughkeepsie, NY
Johnson, James Allen 39th Scout Dogs 7/1/1969 Jersey City, NJ
Johnson, Larry Lee Army Scout Dogs 11/14/1968 Anaheim, CA
Karau, Ronald Dean Army Scout Dogs 3/20/1971 Lewisville, NM
Kiefhaber, Andrew John 65th Combat Tracker Team 2/23/1969 New York, NY
Kimbrough, Golsby 35th Scout Dogs 7/6/1969 Philadelphia, PA
King, Alexander 557th Combat Tracker Team 1/20/1969 Woodbine, GA
Kobelin, John William II 40th Scout Dogs 3/6/1969 Cheyenne, WY
Koon, George Kenneth Combat Tracker Team-2 11/16/1967 Baltimore, MD
Kuefner, John Alan 35th Scout Dogs 8/14/1969 Duluth, MN
Kuehn, Lloyd Martin 40th Scout Dogs 3/9/1967 Stillwater, MN
Kunz, Anthony Edmond Army Scout Dogs 5/4/1967 Kerrville, TX
Lagodzinski, Roger Thomas 57th Scout Dogs 5/19/1970 Buffalo, NY
Land, David Alfred Marine Scout Dog 6/7/1967 Panama City, FL
Lane, Richard Arthur Army Scout Dogs 6/16/1968 Fontana, CA
Lawton, Edward Lester 75th Combat Tracker Team 9/27/1968 Thermopolis, WV
Lebrun, Robert Normand Army Scout Dogs 3/22/1971 Woonsocket, RI
Lee, Edward Gilbert 44th Scout Dogs 5/13/1968 Belmont, MA
Levins, Frederick Richard 76th Combat Tracker Team 6/16/1970 Naples, FL
Lindholm, Dan Victor Army Scout Dogs 9/8/1968 Lindsborg, KS
Lindsay, Stephen Lee Marine Scout Dogs 1/24/1971 Shreveport, LA
Lipton, Joseph Price Marine Scout Dog 5/1/1967 Floral Park, NY
Lockhart, Harlan Nathan 35th Scout Dogs 11/9/1966 Fredricktown, OH
Loftis, Joel Conrad 35th SPS- Air Force 6/7/1969 La Marque, TX
London, Dennis W. 56th SPS- Air Force 5/13/1975 Sparks, NV
Lovellette, Gary Vaughn 45th Scout Dogs 12/29/1969 Fergus Falls, MN
Lumsden, William Wayne Combat Tracker Team-3 5/21/1967 Compton, MD
Magruder, David Byron Army Scout Dogs 5/16/1970 Utica, NY
Mahurin, Elmer Wain Combat Tracker Team-8 10/11/1967 Goodman, MO
Mansfield, John Montague Army Scout Dogs 3/9/1967 New York, NY
Marasco, Joseph Allen 62nd Combat Tracker Team 7/22/1969 Somers, NY
Marchant, Paul LaFontaine Army Scout Dogs 10/18/1969 Moline, IL
Markey Jr., James Paul 63rd Combat Tracker Team 1/26/1971 Warminster, PA
Marrufo Jr., Rodney Elmer 66th Combat Tracker Team 5/23/1968 Stewarts Point, CA
Marshall, Clifford Wayne 43rd Scout Dogs 2/19/1971 Richmond, KY
Marshall, Mark Duane Marine Scout Dogs 3/29/1969 South Euclid, OH
Martin, Kenneth 40th Scout Dogs 3/5/1969 Kalamazoo, MI
Martinez, Juan Patricio 41st Scout Dogs 5/5/1968 Pueblo, CO
Mason Jr., Benjamin H. Marine Sentry Dog 9/4/1967 Piscataway, NJ
Matel, Ronald James 1st Combat Tracker Team 6/9/1969 Duluth, MN
Mattson, Paul Edward 59th Scout Dogs 4/20/1968 Lake Bluff, IL
Maurer, Walter Lawrence Army Scout Dogs 11/1/1970 Whittier, CA
May, Robert Walter 34th Scout Dogs 2/12/1968 Buffalo, NY
Mazzone, Joseph Mark Army Scout Dogs 9/22/1968 Hicksville, NY
McCarty, Glenn Weldon Army Scout Dogs 2/20/1971 Texas City, TX
McFall, Gary Richard 34th Scout Dogs 9/13/1968 Northridge, CA
McGrath, Edward Charles 43rd Scout Dogs 10/6/1967 Crestview, FL
McIntosh, Donald William Army Scout Dogs 11/8/1970 Hutchinson, KS
McLaughlin, James Bruce Army Scout Dogs 4/16/1971 Bangor, ME
Merschel, Lawrence James Army Scout Dogs 5/1/1968 Wayne, PA
Meyer, Leo Roland 61st Combat Tracker Team 10/5/1968 Fond du Lac, WI
Michael, James Albert Army Scout Dogs 2/13/1971 Gainesville, GA
Miller, Timmy Larry Marine Scout Dog 11/24/1968 Stockton, KS
Mills, Rodney Kenneth Army Scout Dogs 5/5/1970 Alma, MI
Montano, William Andrew Marine Scout Dogs 11/19/1970 Deer Park, NY
Morrison, James John 39th Scout Dogs 2/2/1969 Grand Rapids, MI
Mugavin, Martin M. 48th Scout Dogs 2/23/1967 Cincinnati, OH
Munch, Michael R. 57th Scout Dogs 5/13/1969 Council Bluffs, IA
Munoz, Jose 1st Combat Tracker Team 12/7/1966 Detroit, MI
Murray, Harry Walter 1st Combat Tracker Team 12/7/1966 Baltimore, MD
Myers, Richard Vaughn 39th Scout Dogs 11/13/1967 Glenmoore, PA
Newell, Tim Edwin 47th Scout Dogs 9/9/1970 Des Moines, IA
Nicolini, Peter Joseph 44th Scout Dogs 5/16/1967 Chicago, IL
Norris, Robert Norman 42nd Scout Dogs 12/19/1969 Towanda, PA
Nudenberg, David Alan 63rd Combat Tracker Team 11/12/1970 Caldwell, NJ
Nurzynski, Joseph Anthony 59th Scout Dogs 5/12/1969 Buffalo, NY
Oaks, Robert Larry Army Scout Dogs 11/11/1969 Lamesa, TX
Ohm, David James Army Scout Dogs 7/20/1968 Alden, MN
Olmstead, John Paul 48th Scout Dogs 7/15/1967 Warren, IL
Orsua, Charles David 35th SPS - Air Force 7/15/1969 Sunnyvale, CA
Palacio, Gilbert Gonzales 34th Scout Dogs 5/6/1969 San Antonio, TX
Park, Irving Geon 12th SPS - Air Force 3/6/1970 Ft Wayne, IN
Parker Jr., Carter Army Scout Dogs 10/24/1970 Monroeville, AL
Parrish, Billy Joe Veterinarian 5/23/1968 Tacoma, WA
Payne, Howard David III 59th Scout Dogs 4/27/1971 Doraville, GA
Payne, Robert Paul Marine Scout Dog 3/18/1968 Hampshire, IL
Payne, Terry John Army Scout Dogs 8/5/1970 La Crosse, WI
Pearce, Marvin Robert 47th Scout Dogs 8/25/1968 Capitola, CA
Petersen, Harry Thomas Army Scout Dogs 11/9/1970 Salt Lake City, UT
Piasecki, John Michael Army Scout Dogs 11/29/1969 Chicago, IL
Pierce, Oscar Wayne 40th Scout Dogs 3/9/1967 Pauls Valley, OK
Plambeck Jr., Paul Wandling 39th Scout Dogs 11/13/1969 Austin, TX
Plattner, Ernest Melvin 44th Scout Dogs 11/8/1968 Marathon, NY
Poland Jr., Leon Lovell Marine Scout Dog 3/26/1967 West Paris, ME
Porter, Richard Charles Marine Mine/Booby Trap 1/24/1971 Hanover, NH
Pretter, Thomas 38th Scout Dogs 6/8/1967 New York, NY
Pulaski Jr., Peter 42nd Scout Dogs 1/4/1970 Howard Beach, NY
Quinn, Thomas Wayne 45th Scout Dogs 4/4/1969 Minneapolis, MN
Randolph, Michael James 1st Combat Tracker Team 3/29/1970 Cumberland, MD
Rathbun, Gary Allan 42nd Scout Dogs 5/25/1967 Cosmos, MN
Ratliff, Billy Harrison 76th Combat Tracker Team 9/24/1970 Pomeroyton, KY
Ray, William Clayton 58th Scout Dogs 7/4/1970 De Mossville, KY
Rhodes, Robert David Marine Scout Dog 5/27/1970 Scituate, MA
Rivera, James 62nd Combat Tracker Team 3/9/1968 New York, NY
Roberts, Virgil Jessie 557th Combat Tracker Team 1/22/1969 Aztec, NM
Robinson, Charles John 49th Scout Dogs 1/7/1969 Easthampton, MA
Rosas, Jose Antonio Marine Scout Dog 5/8/1967 Weslaco, TX
Roth, John Howard 50th Scout Dogs 3/9/1967 River Rouge, MI
Rowe, Michael Thomas Army Scout 2/19/1969 Statesboro, GA
Sandberg, Charles H. 44th Scout Dogs 5/13/1968 Philadelphia
Schachner, David Brennan 40th Scout Dogs 5/14/1969 Charlotte, NC
Schmid, Robert Anthony 44th Scout Dogs 8/16/1966 Hartsdale, NY
Schossow, Dennis Robert Marine Mine & Booby Trap 1/22/1971 Sheldon, ND
Schwab, Richard Michael 57th Scout Dogs 9/6/1970 Medford, OR
Schyska, Leroy Floyd 46th Scout Dogs 12/6/1967 Moline, IL
Scott, Dave Russell Army Scout Dogs 1/24/1968 Junction City, KS
Segundo, Pete Sprule Marine Scout Dogs 9/5/1969 Oceano, CA
Selix, James Michael 47th Scout Dogs 10/30/1971 Colorado Springs, CO
Severson, Paul Roy Army Scout Dogs 8/25/1968 Glenwood, IL
Sheldon, William Charles Navy Sentry Dogs 5/5/1968 Chicago, IL
Shelton, Bobby James 38th Scout Dogs 9/29/1967 Flag Pond, TN
Shepard, Raymond Andrew Marine Scout Dogs 8/3/1966 Chicago, IL
Sheppard, Ronald Eugene 49th Scout Dogs 9/20/1968 Webster Groves, MO
Simpson, Edward Monroe 45th Scout Dogs 5/11/1968 Collinsville, IL
Sims, William Jess 60th Mine & Booby Trap Dog 7/16/1969 Compton, AR
Smith, Gary Kenneth 39th Scout Dogs 2/27/1967 Santa Ana, CA
Smith, Michael Francis 59th Scout Dogs 4/28/1968 Omaha, NE
Smith, Ronald C Veterinarian-Army 3/3/1967 Dearborn, MI
Smith, Stephen Jay W Army Scout Dogs 6/21/1970 Convoy, OH
Smith, Winfred Lee Army Scout Dogs 6/8/1970 Greenville, VA
Smoot, Robert Gene 557th Combat Tracker Team 1/5/1968 Sacramento, CA
Soto Concepcion, Jose 25th Scout Dogs 5/6/1969 New York, NY
Southwick, John Paul Marine Scout Dogs 10/19/1969 Spokane, WA
Spangler, Max Ray 45th Scout Dogs 1/12/1968 Dallas,TX
Spencer Jr., Daniel Eugene Army Scout Dogs 11/12/1968 Bend, OR
Steptoe, Raymond 35th Scout Dogs 8/15/1966 Navasota, TX
Sturdy, Alan MacDonald 41st Scout Dogs 7/2/1967 Redwood City, CA
Sullivan, Donald Sherril 40TH Scout Dogs 1/29/1967 Princeton, NC
Sullivan, Jeremiah Joseph 38th Scout Dogs 10/23/1967 Ardmore, PA
Sunday, James Michael 43rd Scout Dogs 9/29/1967 Garfield Heights, OH
Sweat Jr., Herbert Hoover 34th Scout Dogs 2/21/1969 Palatka, FL
Sweatt, Theodore A. 25th Scout Dogs 11/27/1968 Terre Haute, IN
Tallman, George Army Scout Dogs 4/9/1967 Huntington Beach, CA
Taranto, Robert Joseph 57th Scout Dogs 11/29/1968 New York, NY
Taylor, Mark Randall 42nd Scout Dogs 6/2/1971 Chesterton, IN
Teresinski, Joseph Alvin 557th Combat Tracker Team 2/6/1971 Oneida. WI
Thibodeaux, Michael I. Army Scout Dogs 7/19/1970 Crowley, LA
Tosh III, James C. 25th Scout Dogs 8/21/1969 Mobile, AL
Triplett, James Michael Marine Scout Dogs 4/17/1969 Orlando, FL
Truesdell, John Leroy Army Scout Dogs 3/20/1971 Enid, OK
Van Gorder, William Joseph 57th Scout Dogs 6/21/1968 Markham, IL
Vancosky, Michael Anthony Marine Scout Dog 5/4/1970 Scranton, PA
Vogelpohl, Rex Alan 57th Scout Dogs 1/11/1971 Butler, IN
Waddell, Larry Jonathan Army Scout Dogs 3/9/1967 Richmond, OH
Ward, Danny Edward 43rd Scout Dogs 6/1/1968 Downey, CA
Ward, David James 981st MP Dogs 7/4/1968 Las Vegas, NV
Webb, Howard Lee 42nd Scout Dogs 6/8/1967 Rehoboth, DE
Whetham, Vernon E. 43rd Scout Dogs 11/30/1967 Glasgow, MT
White, Garson Franklin Marine Scout Dogs 2/13/1969 Sontag, MS
White, John Oliver 57th Scout Dogs 1/22/1968 Saraland, AL
Whitehead, Alfred Evarts 44th Scout Dogs 6/16/1968 Harlan, KY
Whitten, Robert Eugene Army Scout Dogs 5/8/1968 Ft Myers, FL
Wickenberg, Erik Bernard 43rd Scout Dogs 7/6/1967 Bertha, MN
Winningham, Richard Daniel Army Scout Dogs 1/7/1969 Battle Creek, MI
Wood, Robert Helm Marine Scout Dog 4/9/1968 Ft Benning, GA
Yeager, Michael Joseph Marine Mine & Booby Trap 4/8/1970 Baltimore, MD
Yochum, Lawrence Wayne 59th Scout Dogs 2/13/1970 Burney, CA
Young, Jon Michael 43rd Scout Dogs 4/4/1968 San Luis Obispo, CA